Teenage Starter Skincare Set


Our teenage starter skincare set is a simple yet effective skincare routine for teenagers. This box includes a cleanser, toner and moisturiser and can be used for any any skin types. This box is great for teenagers with very sensitive skin as all our products are natural and soothing making them perfect for young sensitive skin. If skin is irritated, red, sore or prone to spots we would recommend adding a Chickweed Oil from our Infused Oil range as it can help ease breakouts. It is important to use the toner after cleansing to close the pores to help keen skin clean and prevent breakouts. For very irritated skin we would also recommend adding in our chickweed facial scrub and doing this once a week as it will help clear our pores and the chickweed is very anti-inflammatory.

Box includes: Luxury Cleansing Oil, Neroli floral Toner, Rose Whip and Killarney Organic Cloth

Directions: Warm a few drops of Cleansing oil into your hand and rub onto damp face. Wash off using hot face cloth. Spray some Neroli toner onto a damp cotton pad and spread over face. Apply a small amount of Rose whip to moisturise. (If using chickweed oil because of acne apply a few drops to the skin)

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