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Manuka & Chickweed, Anti-Age Repairing Moisturiser for Men 60ml


Level Up Your Skincare: Manuka & Chickweed Anti-Ageing Moisturiser for Men

Our Manuka & Chickweed Anti-Ageing Moisturiser is here to combat wrinkles, soothe irritation, and keep your skin feeling healthy and hydrated.

Nature’s Powerhouse Ingredients:

  • Manuka Magic: This hero ingredient from New Zealand boasts antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps reduce irritation, a common concern after shaving, and promotes a healthy, even complexion.

  • Chickweed’s Calming Touch: Known for its soothing properties, chickweed helps calm redness and irritation, leaving your skin feeling comfortable and refreshed.

More Than Just Hydration:

This lightweight moisturiser absorbs quickly and won’t leave your skin feeling greasy. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Reduced Appearance of Wrinkles: Fine lines and wrinkles don’t stand a chance against this moisturiser’s ability to plump and hydrate your skin.
  • Soothed After Shave: Say goodbye to post-shave irritation. Chickweed’s calming properties will have your skin feeling comfortable all day long.
  • Healthy Glow: Natural ingredients promote a healthy complexion, leaving you looking refreshed and revitalised.

Killarney Organic’s Manuka & Chickweed Anti-Ageing Moisturiser is a game-changer for men’s skincare. It offers a natural, effective way to combat wrinkles, soothe irritation, and keep your skin looking its best.

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